SDPI Janamunnetta Yatra 2024 February 14 – March 01 Kasaragod to Thiruvananthapuram

SDPI Janamunnetta Yatra 2024

SDPI Janamunnetta Yatra 2024

State Vice President Tulasidharan Pallikal and General Secretary Roy Arakkal will be the Vice Captains

Kozhikode: SDPI state president Muvattupuzha Ashraf Moulavi led from Kasaragod to Thiruvananthapuram on the theme of Janamunneta Yatra for the recovery of the country.
State Vice President P Abdul Hamid informed that the march will be held from February 14 to March 01, 2024.

State Vice President Tulasidharan Pallikal and General Secretary Roy Arakkal will be the Vice Captains of the Janamnetta Yatra.

The Yatra will tour all the districts of the state. The Yatra was organized with the demands of protecting the Constitution, implementing the caste census, withdrawing anti-civil rights laws, keeping federalism in check, solving unemployment and correcting policies that harm farmers.

The country’s constitution, democracy, secularism and pluralism are being destroyed under the continuous BJP rule. The country’s economy is in complete disarray. On the one hand, the wealth of the crony capitalists, who are billionaires, is increasing, while on the other hand, more than a quarter of the people of the country are living in hunger and poverty. Unemployment, steep inflation, increase in fuel prices including cooking gas have made people’s lives difficult. While all the welfare promises are lying on the file, the central government is focused only on racial and communal polarization promises.

Over 710 farmers were martyred in the protest against which three laws were passed to hand over the agriculture sector, the backbone of the country, to corporates. The BJP government, which had kneeled down in the farmers’ agitation, is not ready to comply with the terms of the agreement made with them, and the stage is being prepared for another agitation. Violence against women and children is increasing in the country. India has become an unsafe country for women. We remember with shock the horrific events that took place in Hatras, Unnawa, Katwa, Manipur and Gujarat.

State systems are being religiousized in violation of the constitutional principle of secularism. The Center is trying to implement the Citizenship Act, which makes religion a criterion for citizenship, and the Uniform Civil Act, which eliminates pluralism and unity in diversity.

Even after seven and a half decades of independence, the majority of citizens have not been given due representation in power, distribution of resources, employment and education. Central and state governments are not ready to conduct a caste census to collect accurate information in this regard.
Fascism seeks to corrupt even the Election Commission and the judiciary. The attempt to place religion over the nation has reached its peak.

Federalism is facing a big challenge under BJP rule. By appointing BJP nominees as governors, they are trying to control and make non-BJP governments profitable.

When the majority of the country wants to defeat fascism in the upcoming elections in the socio-political situation that frightens the nation, there is no unity capable of giving it political leadership. All the groups that came in with a lot of hope are disintegrating in front of selfish ambitions. P. Abdul Hameed added that the sincerity of those who say that we are defending fascism should be checked.

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